Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Benefits of Membership

All SCBWI members worldwide receive the benefits of being part of SCBWI.

Awards and Grants: SCBWI offers a wide range of awards and grants to its members each year.

Events: SCBWI members are welcome to attend SCBWI events anywhere in the world at the reduced SCBWI member rate.

SCBWI Publications:

The Book: The Essential Guide to Publishing for children

The Bulletin bi-monthly publication with up-to-date information in the field of children’s literature.

Podcasts: SCBWI produces 35-minute podcasts on a variety of subjects in children’s literature.

Webinars: Many regions offer events on the craft or business of children’s literature via the Internet. Webinars offer members an opportunity to learn from and network with publishing professionals virtually without any travel involved.

Online community: SCBWI members are able to connect with other members using SCBWI’s Discussion Boards.

Illustrators’ Gallery: All illustrators are invited to take part in an online portfolio exhibit of their work.

Speakers’ Bureau: Published members (including traditional and self-published) are invited to be listed in the Speakers Bureau, a reference used by librarians and schools around the world.

Online Bookstore: Published members (including traditional and self-published) can list their books in SCBWI’s online bookstore.

Blog roll: SCBWI members are invited to have their blog included in SCBWI’s blog roll, a worldwide collection of children’s publishing blogs.

* Some publications are only available free of cost electronically in international regions.

Thanks to Kathleen Ahrens for providing this list.